World of Darkness

Here you can find all the major facts about the upcoming MMOGWorld of Darkness” by CCP. Please note that several aspects still could change since the game is still in development the game development has been cancelled.



# Mentioned first on November 11th 2006 (Press release)
# Announced (“more officially”) in September 2010 (First teaser and information)
No major mainstream announcement yet (All information released so far only in smaller places)

# Release date: 2015 as a guess – there isn’t an internal set date yet and no official information whatsoever, the obligatory “Ready when it’s done” aside

“Part of the reason why we’ve been keeping it such a secret is that I don’t want to release any info until we’re ready to really show something that’s going to make you guys go nuts, and really lives up to the legacy – and I don’t want to feed some marketing machine for years and years when we’re not ready.” (Chris McDonoug)

# Business model: Unknown at this point

Game Engine

# One world server, no instancing
# No day/night cycle, only night
# Eve Incarna is considered “a prototype”, WoD engine will be “much more advanced” (A pre-rendered, enhanced by post-processing, gameplay video was shown at Evefest 2013)

Ingame prototype (work-in-progress) from 2012

The World

# Based on Old World of Darkness, set in today’s time (“our world, only darker“)
# Several cities, more or less based on real cities. There may be limits of traveling between cities to prevent players flooding one area.

“We are not ready to talk about the scope… It’ll be big. In regards to cities, we examined it quite a bit, and what we found is cities are generally… boring. We’re using a stylised version, but they will be named after real cities, you’ll have a New York, a London, and a Paris etc.” (Chris McDonoug)

# Only vampires playable on release of the game (Werewolfs, mages etc may be there as NPCs)
# Mature rating

“It’s going to be quite violent and bloody – it’s not going to be violence porn; it’s meaningful violence.” (Reynir Harðarson)

Game UI

# Unique, “poetic” UI

“It’s not going to look like a game, it’s going to look, feel and play like a movie (..) So the look and feel is very film noir and the interface elements are more like actual objects or something dream-like. We’re actually thinking “What is it?” These are perpetuating emotional states or actual items. And it’s not really fitting to have an abstract UI.” (Reynir Harðarson)



# Everyone starts as a mortal and will be able to choose to become a kindred (or not!). When you start the game as mortal you must find another player to embrace you.

“We’re not putting a huge amount of functionality into the mortal game.” Chris McDonough

# You can choose between “Investigator”, “Socialite”, “Artist”, “Junkie”, “Mafioso”, “Executive”, “Veteran”, “Scholar” for different starting traits

“In order to get the skills, you must accept a vampire’s hug. From then on, you can continue to choose to join a faction in vampires. Human blood as currency among vampires will be competitive resources. Vampires will compete for human’s cities as the territories.”

# Player actions will be the “main driving force behind the in-game metaplot” including dynamic NPC/world events
# Players can get higher in hierarchy “without killing a single thing, all done via networking, politics and friendships

“Politics are taken to a new level in this game, especially as we have positions with actual powers. This is the way the old Vampire the Masquerade game has been run – we have princes and you have harpies and you have positions in the evil hierarchy. In this game we give power to the players. There’s no NPC who is the artificial prince of the city – players set the rules and they have the positions and that’s really – that’s where the politics come in” (Reynir Harðarson)

# PvP will not be required if people don’t want to do it, yet “no one will be 100% safe all of the time

“It also means that if your playstyle doesn’t have to be PvP or PvE… maybe your playstyle is just social. There’s a lot of power in that, because social power has actual power in this game. Hanging out at bars could be a very powerful play.” (Reynir Harðarson)

# Mostly build around close range combat

“It’s biased towards close range combat. World of Darkness is not a shooter; you will be able to use guns but they’re mostly used for defence (..). Guns are not effective against vampires, they can take bullets easily. Secondly it’s much more powerful using your own abilities. Guns are toys. It’s a fashion item, a fashion accessory.” (Reynir Harðarson)

# Humanity is a trait in the game, attacking others can lower it
# There will be final death for both mortals and kindred, though it will be “difficult to die under permadeath rules”. Simply dying in combat won’t be final death. Other details yet to be revealed.

“Yes. You have to be a total… it’s really hard to… you’d have to work really hard at it. To do that action you’d have to be prince of a city. And you’d need political support to [start a hunt on another player].”

# There probably will be climbing in the game

#wodmmo #worldofdarkness Watching the team demo our newest internal release. Animation, climbing, jumping were the focus.

Minor stuff

# Players will have a haven
# Diablerie is still being discussed
# Character names over the avatars head by default turned off, but can be turned on
# Access some portions of the game through a website (and probably with an app as well)

Social Structures

Political and social structures that set the stage for Vampire politics.

Backstabbing, betrayal and Machabelian politics are the hallmarks of the Kindred.

These systems incentivizes players to socialize in game and meet face to face to reap their rewards. They also encourage them to betray each other when the time is right.


Created a combat system that does justice to the quick speed and ruthless attacks of the Kindred.

Built tools and infrastructure that allow us to make quick improvements and adjustments based on the learning moments we have during our playtests.

Creation Systems
We are working on a system to allow Vampires to control your followers and have them gather and create things of value within Kindred Society.

And here’s an interview (Tentonhammer) with CCP’s Newest Exec.

David Reid: There is no shortage of commitment here to making World of Darkness awesome. I dug deep into that before I came on board and remain absolutely convinced that this is going to be a huge, huge thing based on the resources we’re putting behind it.

Hilmar Pétursson: Specifically, we have a kickass team of sixty rockstars from across the game industry and CCP, and they’re making fantastic progress.

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