Women in Games

This post isn’t about some #GamerCrap, but about all the great female characters I have met in videogames so far. Sure, all of the women here are very beautiful (that’s a different topic, in general) but still they’re also strong, realistic, interesting, independent. Most of them are playable characters in great videogames, some are well written side characters still important to the story.

Strong Female Characters in Videogames

Funny thing is, while most games have oversexualized women and in general still have a lot of catching up to do, there actually are still more interesting female characters than male ones, aren’t there? Times are getting even better and even big companies like Ubisoft are “brave” enough to build games around a strong female character (Even the latest Call of Duty will get a playable one this year!).

The top examples, how should it be any different, come from Naughty Dog. Elena Fisher from Uncharted and Ellie from Last of Us are very likely the most fleshed out, independent and strong ones you can find in games.

Other female characters like Chell from Portal, Samus Aran from Metroid, Alyx Vance from Half Life on the other hand, that you usually find on the other lists out there, have no real character and therefore shouldn’t be mentioned – this sentence aside.

As always the gallery will be updated as soon as get to know more well written humans in games. And maybe I will try to add a “Great Males in Games” too…

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