Update March 2016

Update December 2015
A bit more information has emerged (with some new artworks) over at the Playstation blog!

Update June 2015

A first concept art teaser has been released at E3 this year!

Original blog: January 21st 2015

Several websites reported about a tweet by Focus Interactive and Dead Good Media which said Dontnod (makers of underrated Remember Me and great Life is strange) is working on a – vampire game! Wow, after over a decade finally a new big game about vampires?! A dream come true, without knowing too much about it yet obviously.

One of the (many) problems with gamers and game “journalism” is that good but flawed games usually get way more crap than boring but not so flawed ones. “Yeah, good promise, but it was so flawed” was the most common reaction about Remember Me. I personally take a “flawed” but interesting game over a mainstream boring one any day. Yes, Remember Me didn’t become my favorite game but overall it was a great experience in an unique setting with a great main character. And now with Life is Strange – which is pretty much a Telltale game in good, in beautiful, with real choices – it’s very exciting to get a new action-rpg with vampires by those developers who try to constantly do something new.
The last great vampire game was from 2000 (and the last bigger one was from 2004), and with CCP’s cancelled online mulitplayer rpg it’s about time we finally get a game with vampires again, isn’t it?!

Oh by the way: It is called Vampyr and you will play “a doctor who returns home while the Spanish Flu is going around, and is bitten by one of his patients” in World War One.

2 thoughts

  1. Hmmm WW1??? not really fond of the time. I would preferd in modern day. But hey i should be glad that they are making a new vampire game

  2. Kain (March 16th, 2015 @ 04:32)
  3. Yes, it’s the same for me. I don’t really like that setting/time. Plus I really wished they were going for a female protagonist again (since their last two games had one). Buuut, it’s the first big (and very likely good) vampire game since Bloodlines, so I won’t complain.

  4. Creasy (April 26th, 2015 @ 15:56)

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