Upcoming Games

All upcoming interesting and high quality game projects in 2016 and beyond.


Note: This post will always be updated as soon as new interesting projects are announced.
If a game is exclusive to a single platform it shows in the brackets.

Most Wanted

2017 Hazelight “Untitled Game”
2016 The Last Guardian (PS)
2017 Pyre
2017 Sea of Solitude
2016 Below
2017 Rime (PS?)
2017 Vane

2017 Somerville
2017 Detroit: Become Human (PS)
2016 Inside
2016 Ashen
2016 Dreams (PS)
2017 Vampyr
2016 Kentucky Route Zero Act 4 (PC)


High promise


Hit or Miss

Prey for the gods

The Rest

Dark Souls III
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Dishonored 2

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Gears of War 4


Last of Us 2 (PS)
Untitled Naughty Dog Game (PS)
Untitled Moon Studios Game
Untitled thatgamecompany Game
Whore of the Orient
Red Dead Redemption 2
Star Wars 1313 / Unknown

* Let me know if I forgot some project

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