The Unsullied

This isn’t about the good yet still overhyped tv show on HBO. It’s about a dream. A dream in which people would actually try to be “unsullied“. Unsullied regarding to all the mass media and hype that everyone on the internet is confronted with. That people would actually seek out on their own not to be spoiled of an upcoming experience, to not get every news bit possible. To not watch every trailer out there, to still get surprised when watching a movie, playing a game, seeing a play or what not.

So with me being gone on vacation for two months or more, consider this a movement you should join. If you care about quality over quantity, if you don’t want to be spoiled ahead of time, if you want to be #unsullied. Try to watch as few E3 videos as possible. It will be hard (especially for Uncharted 4), but I try my best as well. And in the end the final sensation will be worth it. Have a great summer!

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