The Last Guardian

E3 2016

2016 as expected has already been insane for games and continues to be. Even though some very promising games have been delayed to 2017, this year we get and got Uncharted 4, Firewatch and The Last Guardian – three masterpieces…

June 11, 2016

Most Wanted Games

Please visit this website from now on, to get all upcoming games that are interesting. All upcoming interesting and high quality game projects. Update: August 30 2016 Note: This post will always be updated as soon as new interesting projects…

May 30, 2016
Uncharted 4

A Thief’s End

Ramblings (to be updated) i have tons of criticism, but i feel like none of them is even worth getting into, because everything is on a level so much above everything else. dont get how noone comes even close (even…

May 16, 2016

Developing Masterpieces

We are living in a world of excess but also high standards. Almost nothing stands out because everything is well made. Every game released (or every new TV show) is more or less good. There are a few exceptions of…

May 1, 2016


This post I will update whenever I come across a beautiful looking wallpaper. All images are copyright by their respective owners. All of them are in 1920×1080 resolution.

April 10, 2016

Gaming Dreams

Never before we had such a huge amount of great games being released. And they keep getting better. Fortunately the time of gameplay exercises is over and the medium slowly and steadily matures, offering actual meaningful experiences you don’t just…

March 9, 2016
Black Desert

Massively Multiplayer

The genre of massively multiplayer online games never surpassed its initial promise. The idea behind them is so fascinating, yet so far there hasn’t been a single great one. Just as games in general get better, new sandbox projects finally…

February 7, 2016