New Dracula series

@Update 2014 I watched the first season of Dracula and unfortunately it didn’t grab me. It has some nice looking sets, good (and beautiful) actors, vampires like they should be (not just ugly ghouls with superpowers) but still missing something. Same goes for Byzantium by the way. Great cast and look but nothing else.

After Byzantium (Which I hope to see finally in June) there’s finally a new vampire project for the (small) screen this fall!
Since this new series will be airing on NBC you obviously can’t expect anything really groundbreaking but still – it isn’t a teen vampire soap opera like most of the last few shows were.

Doesn’t look incredible great or anything but it’s a (serious) vampire series, with some good actors and a gothy atmosphere (and we don’t have anything else in that area). Can’t wait!

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