Movie Teasers

A blog post about the latest Star Wars teaser? How original you might say. My day job is to edit movie trailers, and around ten years ago I just adored them. In the meantime that excitement faded (naturally) away and I try to stay away from most new trailers nowadays since they pretty much spoil the movie going experience drastically.
Teasers though still have some privilege to be seen – because they don’t tell you anything about the story (which you will see yourself when you see the actual movie anyway), but “tease” you with some great editing and pictures, combined with a great trailer score.

So, since there has been a second teaser for the upcoming Star Wars movie, it’s a good reason to highlight some of the great experiences I had with teasers (and trailers even). And I have to be honest – after watching that Star Wars teaser, I got goosebumps after a really looong time. That was pure magic I didn’t feel since years when watching an advertisement.

I can’t really explain what exactly it is, but I am officially a Star Wars fan again. Haven’t been for the last 20 years. The only bad shot by the way was a shot which looked so digital again – I have absolutely no idea how a director or cinematographer doesn’t mind. Sure, the majority of people doesn’t even get what I mean but it is quite depressing that even professionals in Hollywood don’t seem to care.


For another example of incredible awful looking digital images, take a look at the most recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer. Overall the movie seems to be more interesting than all Marvel movies together and the style of Zack Snyder is pretty great as always. But the aesthetics of digital cameras…
In any case, here are some examples for great teasers – how they should be:

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