Mad Masterpiece


There are enough posts and hype about this movie, yet I still need to emphasize how this time all the word of mouth is actually right. I know, usually there is nothing more useless and unnecessary than media and blogger’s hype for particular projects but this time we really got that visual masterpiece everyone is talking about. Mad Max Fury Road is pretty much the single greatest pure action movie ever made.

Generally speaking, when everyone out there says a “movie is great” it means it isn’t and there is just some mass hype everyone wants to get to be a part of. This time strangely is different. Sure, most of them use “visionary” and “redefines the genre” without really knowing what those words mean. Most of the people don’t even know what good film making, good cinematography, editing and so on is. But in the end they are still right. An action movie like this hasn’t been in cinemas for over a decade. The last one was The Matrix from 1999.


Since Godzilla last year there hasn’t been a single movie that came even close to the quality of cinematography. Every single frame in this movie looks like a breathtaking painting. The cinematography by John Seale, in combination with Millers direction (Cinematographers usually are only as good as the director), is beyond words. This is exactly what a Hollywood blockbuster has to look like (and unfortunately none do).


While it is a b-movie at its core – the plot is non-existent – it still has great (female) characters with Mad Max being just a side personality. And the whole world is just some real place where people of the apocalypse have lived in for years. If you look beyond the plot, the story is deeper than in most movies out there.


This movie is one of those very rare occasions where trailers didn’t promise too much or something different. If you see the incredible well made trailers you know what you will get – and still will be blown away. Finally a blockbuster movie took back the lead that games had conquered the last few years. Especially games like Uncharted 2 and 3 by Naughty Dog had better action sequences than all Hollywood movies combined. Mad Max Fury Road now is something we haven’t seen before, no matter the medium.

Be sure to also check out backrolls and a very interesting two hour presentation by the cinematographers. And there are some pretty great gif animations over here!

Just for the record: I wasn’t a Mad Max fan at all before. The first one is beyond boring, the second one was kind of okay for its time and the third one I haven’t seen yet.

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