Gaming Dreams

Never before we had such a huge amount of great games being released. And they keep getting better. Fortunately the time of gameplay exercises is over and the medium slowly and steadily matures, offering actual meaningful experiences you don’t just play for fun or escaping. Having realized that, in some genres we still have a long way to go. Games like Uncharted show how far game developers have come, Bethesda projects on the other hand show what we still have to improve.

And in general there just still are so many open opportunities for great and promising projects. Here are some that I will dream come alive some time.

A Mission: Impossible and/or James Bond game by Naughty Dog
Kara by Quantic Dream
A short (well made) RPG, not about grinding and boring fetch quests
A good heist / gangster shooter
A great pirate game (with sea battles like in Black Flag)

In general more realistic setting games (about real life issues)
Games like Tomb Raider with less action/shooting
Every blockbuster with less shooting
A top down RPG with the Transistor art style
A good MMOG
Game set in Egypt
A good pirate game
Multiplayer with NPCs
A shooter with player progression, locked to one character
“Walking simulators” not purely about loneliness
A game, where fights and lifes matter
A rpg with good pick up animations

A game that starts at the end (with credits) and ends with the start menu

Multiplayer like AC, hide like Until Dawn
More real life settings, like a farm and corn field

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