Ex Machina & Kara

Do you remember “Kara“, that tech demo by Quantic Dream? Back then it was a different time for games. That video was incredible. It still is but in 2015 at least technically it isn’t as impressive anymore. Doesn’t have to be though. It still has the same emotional impact as 3 years ago and since then I wished there either would be a full game about Kara, or at least a movie.

And then Ex Machina by Alex Garland (Sunshine, The Beach, Enslaved) came a long which I saw yesterday. It obviously is a different story but still reminded me a lot of the same themes. Not to speak of the very similar looking artdesign and girl. It has been quite rare to get some great experiences on the big screen nowadays but this one finally was one of those again! Great story, combined with amazing cinematography, editing, sound and acting. Now I still would like that tech demo to become a game…


Update October 27th 2015
Not just a new game by extraordinary game developer Quantic Dream has been announced – but a game about Kara!

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