E3 2016

2016 as expected has already been insane for games and continues to be. Even though some very promising games have been delayed to 2017, this year we get and got Uncharted 4, Firewatch and The Last Guardian – three masterpieces in one single year (!).
While this list shows we never had more great games coming, it also makes this E3 even more difficult to visit or surf on the internet. Most of those experiences obviously shouldn’t be spoiled (especially The Last Guardian), so you have to make big detour around every news outlet out there.
What is even more insane? 2017 looks to be just as incredible if not even more so (without a Naughty Dog title but still)…
These are the great games of this year’s E3, all upcoming ones you can find here.

All trailers linked are just teasers or trailers. While you (and me) shouldn’t watch anything, those are still good to appease one’s appetite (instead of whole gameplay demos or something). And it would be pretty impossible to not consume anything, right?
Next year I very likely will go to E3 again just for fun, but it will be a pretty strange thing to do (spoiling so much).

The Last Guardian



Detroit: Become Human

Red Dead Redemption 2

Agent (?)


Ni no Kuni II

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Prey 2

There are way more interesting games coming this year as well of course – see them in the promising 2016 list.

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