Developing Masterpieces

We are living in a world of excess but also high standards. Almost nothing stands out because everything is well made.
Every game released (or every new TV show) is more or less good.
There are a few exceptions of course though and while games in general are getting better and better in (almost) every aspect, there still are just a few developers out there that are true masters of their craft. Long gone are the days of Blizzard and Valve. Whenever there is a new project announced by one of the following studios, you know for sure you will get a mind blowing masterpiece.

Naughty Dog
The alpha within the gaming community. No other developer comes even close to the quality in every single aspect of game making.


What Naughty Dog is for the mainstream, that game company is the artful indie, creating true breathtaking emotional rides.

Technically without any game under their belt so far but consisting of the masterminds behind Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, this studio is up and coming and easily could be on par with Team Ico and Naughty Dog.

Team Ico
Released two games of which two are true all time classics. They need far more time than everyone else – but in the end it is more than worth it because they create truly special experiences.

Quantic Dream
A mix of mainstream and art, with one of the few visionaries in the industry.

Rockstar San Diego
The “little” brother of the big GTA creator but they made clear with Red Dead Redemption that they even surpass the original studio (which is also one of the few great ones still).

Moon Studios
Having developed only one game so far but one that is already in my top 10 and literally the most beautiful work of art (including movies) out there. Their new project is one of the most anticipated ones.

Limbo is pretty much a perfect game experience and everything that follows seems to be on par or even better.

Supergiant Games
Maybe not quite as incredible as the other ones but everything looks like all three of their games are more than great.

Runner Ups: Campo Santo

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