And I finally have finished my montage dedicated to the greatest cinematography. Go check it out here:

What is great cinematography? Hard to explain. Especially to someone who doesn’t know anything about film. Most people see a beautiful sunset and that’s good camerawork for them. Actually it is something different though. Mainly it is about interesting framing and lighting. There are way more movies with some kind of well told story than movies with really great cinematography. The thing is, even though it is the job of the dop (director of photography) it depends greatly on the director how the final film will look like. Best example is one of the best cinematographers out there, Seamus McGarvey. He shot two of the most beautiful movies there are (Godzilla, Anna Karenina) and also one of the most bland looking ones – Avengers.

Godzilla (Seamus McGarvey)

Best Cinematography

A big problem in movies today is that many blockbusters look like crap thanks to the digital cameras being used. There are almost no directors left who understand the beauty of film. Funny thing is when people say “Soon digital cameras will have the same quality as film”. Image quality never was the issue, digital cameras already have surpassed film by far regarding resolution and sharpness. That’s not what makes something look good or not (just… well, sharp). It actually is the “bad” quality in comparison which makes film look so much better – just because it does not look like real life.

Still, digital cameras are getting better (in the sense of looking more like film) and some movies on this list are also shot digitally. Go take a look at the most beautiful cinematography in cinema history. When a film doesn’t look like the “real world” but has an artistic look and feel to it.

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