Brothers and beyond

As you know today is the day… The release of the biggest and most ambitious (mainstream) game yet is upon us. GTA V is being released officially and I should get my PS3 copy soon (I will get the PC next year as soon as it’s released) – won’t be able to play until the weekend thanks to work though. In any case – as you probably already would have guessed – there were no news or info worth mentioning at all about World of Darkness the past few months. That’s the reason for it being so quiet here. I did really enjoy my vacation in June and E3 overall. There were not that many interesting games – The Division was the game of the show – but it’s still cool to walk around the floor especially if you’re one of the few who doesn’t have to work, do meaningless interviews and write the same useless crap in your review, news or whatever like everyone else is ;o)

So far – as expected – 2013 is already the greatest year in gaming and it still gets better. It’s unbelievable. Tomb Raider and Last of Us were amazing (The latter obviously the best made game so far) BUT even more unbelievable is how Staarbreeze managed to create one of the greatest emotional experience ever out of nowhere. A game that is on the same level as Journey and a Team Ico game. So go get Brothers – a Tale of Two Sons on Steam or PSN as soon as possible. Play it in one sitting (like all really great experiences it’s around 3 hours) and find no words to describe this incredible journey. While Last of Us, GTA V and Beyond Two Souls are obviously some of the greatest made games out there – they’re the “Hollywood” productions. Brothers is already one of the greatest gaming experiences in my life and therefore very likely the game of the year of 2013 (and beyond).

Speaking of GTA V though. The online multiplayer trailer was insane and while the single player experience already is the biggest game out there (it actually would easily be worth hundreds of dollars like many GTAs), the multiplayer actually could be the most interesting, insane multiplayer experience yet. All the stuff you are able to do (in October) are things a current MMOG could only dream of.

Let’s wait for next year to get new info about World of Darkness ;o)

Currently not that hard since 2013 (and beyond) continues being awesome with an insane amount of other great games like rain, Puppeteer, Beyond – and even Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag (The first real pirate game! If you plan on playing it in the great multiplayer on PC, hit me up!).

And be sure to check out the upcoming Dracula series on October 25th. Hopefully could be an actual good vampire show (after True Blood gets worse by the minute).

See you as soon as we get new WoD info…

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