Best Of 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

Since there won’t be any new updates about WoD until September (The Grand Masquerade), here’s a list of the best and/or most important entertainment products of last year, with Heavy Rain being the greatest achievement in interactive gaming yet (Seriously, thank you David Cage!).
As well as a most wanted list of probably the greatest year in gaming yet.

Best of 2010


#1 Heavy Rain

The most important work in videogames ever created so far. It started with Fahrenheit (which already was incredible – the end aside) and came to a whole new level. While it obviously also has it flaws and could be even so much more breathtaking, that’s not the thing you have to talk about.
It is the first real interactive experience ever and hopefully the starting point of other similar projects (unfortunately more than doubtful at the moment though) about actual meaning and feelings in a game and not just pressing the same button over and over again (to shoot/jump/whatever). Any other “videogame” than this on #1 is a joke on any of those other lists.

#2 Limbo

While this obviously was an “indie” game by definition, it still was completely different than all the other “indies” for me. This, Flower and World of Goo are actual work of art. Some other indie games like Machinarium or Braid are (very) good, no question. But just not on a level like this one. The experience was… breathtaking.

#3 Red Dead Redemption

GTA IV has been the best made game until 2009, then came this one and it blew GTA IV away. It’s incredible how games are getting better and better (but then again, also understandable since they haven’t existed for that long). And while I love Rockstar Games, they just didn’t have that “more than a game” thing.. until now. This is an open world game I’ve never played as that. I “just” experienced the story from start to finish (also just got 17% completion, ahaha) and the last 30-60 minutes were some of the greatest moments in gaming history where Rockstar Games for the very first time made you feel something in their “action game” (And the first time ever in game I actually had tears in my eyes, when riding back to my family with the song “Compass” playing – which should’ve been nominated for an Oscar). Also one of the, if not the best game soundtrack/score ever (overall, it doesn’t have any great themes or stuff like that).

Other good or okay games: Splinter Cell: Conviction (Unfortunately way too standard, and too little story), Mass Effect 2 (first few hours were very cool, but then it just got worse and worse)


When I look at my cinema tickets this year was pretty bad for movies. But if you look at the movies actually released in 2010 it was probably one of the best ones.
Here’s a pretty great edited “summary”:

#1 Mr. Nobody

Greatest work of art movie I’ve seen this year (not cinema).

#2 Buried

#3 Black Swan

Deliberately haven’t watched the trailer. Also work of art which can’t be explained with words.

#4 127 Hours

Have seen the trailer and wasn’t blown away by it, but Danny Boyle is one of the most visionary guys out there. He actually makes movies. And while Slumdog Millionaire wasn’t all that great story/content wise, it still was one of the best movies this year. This one wasn’t as visually impressive (not cinemascope, and some bad “split screens”), but still better than most movies out there.

#5 Social Network

David Fincher made some of the greatest movies there ever were (Se7en, Fight Club, The Game) and couldn’t continue on that high note somehow (Zodiac was boring as hell). This one isn’t very special or really great as well, but still a very well made movie overall.

#6 The Town

Not really any special kind of movie, but after Heat (and Point Break) the first great heist drama there is. Finally!

Best “documentary”: I’m Still Here, Exit Through the Gift Shop
Other good ones: Blue Valentine, Fair Game, Let Me In, Inception (most overrated movie of all time, but still good and obviously a great basic idea)


#1 Breaking Bad 3

The best series ever made, season 3. Not too much else to write about here.

#2 Lost Finale

Great (not incredible) end to the greatest series phenomenon in television history. The end to season 3 is still one of the greatest movie moments.

#3 Friday Night Lights 5 (still running)

Friday Night Lights is my favorite sports movie, and this series is on the same level (or even above in parts). Incredible score, actors, atmosphere. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton are ama-zing. And I don’t care for football (or any other sport) by the way.

Good-okay ones: Terriers, True Blood, Rubicon, Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire were well made series (obviously), but I just can’t stand those “HBO” kind of drama series anymore that much. Always the same.

Worst shows: Dexter (the last few seasons), 30 Rock

Most Wanted 2011

The World of Darkness MMO won’t see darkness until 2012 or later but 2011 already could be the greatest year for games (2009 and 2010 already were, and it gets better and better).

Games (Art)

The Last Guardian

Games (Blockbuster)

#1 Uncharted 3
#2 Batman: Arkham City
#3 Tomb Raider
#4 The Witcher 2
#5 L.A. Noire

Other good-great ones: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Gears of War 3, Diablo 3
Nice ones: Mass Effect 3, Killzone 3, InFamous2, Rage, Portal 2
Useless ones: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Deus Ex 3

Most Wanted 2012

World of Darkness MMO

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