Atlanta by Night 12

@Update October 9th Unfortunately there won’t be any videos or a transcript for the panel. Eddy Webb just confirmed that “there was no info. It was just a chance for fans to tell us what they wanted”.

James posted some of the ideas discussed on the Facebook group:

1) MET type influence (control over human society)
2) Player enforced Sect rules vs Game mechanics
3) BOON system will be player enforced not game enforced
4) Players wanting to own havens but (will not be super custom like SWG)
5) Players want to be unique looking

Chris from posted also that he will write about some of the ideas discussed soon!

Here are the three tweets from Chris with some very small details about the game.

Soon (3pm EST / 8pm GMT) the “What Do You Want in the MMO?” panel will start at the Atlanta by Night event! This post will be updated as soon as new information is available.

What Do You Want in the MMO?
September 29, 2012 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Room 201
Panelists: Greg Fountain, Reynir Harðarson, Chris McDonough, Eddy Webb, CCP Dev Team

There also will be an exclusive presentation (We don’t know yet if this is #wodmmo related)

Exclusive CCP Presentation
Atlanta by Night, Atlanta Georgia, USA
September 29, 2012 @ 5pm, Galleria Exhibit Hall NorthEast

While there is the possibility of asking questions (also over Twitter), most of the discussion will be about the ideas of the audience (Hopefully people over there care about a great game in general and not just about how it compares to the original source or whatever useless stuff – and please not yet another “I want to play werewolf”)

Haven’t updated my previous wishlist in a while, so at the moment these would be my personal questions/ideas:

Since CCP is now also on the console (with Dust 514) is there a chance of the #wodmmo getting on a (next-gen) console as well (or at least have controller support for PC)?

Can you elaborate on the “poetic UI” idea – is this still a goal or did something change. Would love to have as little of an UI as possible and have a great immersive experience instead of playing “just a game”.

While you obviously listen a lot to “hardcore” WoD fans, do you still want the game to be a (more or less) mainstream product or more niche like Eve Online?

Is it fair to assume characters will move “slowly” (like e.g. in Eve Online or Dust 514 before the match) instead of always running/jumping like in other mmos and feel more “grounded” and real?

If the player is able to chose when to become a kindred, will there be game content for “human only” players as well? Love the idea if you actually would be able to be in a game as “normal humanbeing” and still be able to have “fun”.

Will the fighting system be real time (e.g. Tera) or “turned based” (e.g. WoW)? Hopefully it won’t be any “click 1,2,3” stuff (Like pretty much any other mmo).

Since there are supposed to be many cities instead of just one big one, how detailed will they be (will most houses be locked etc)? Personally I still would prefer one huge and detailed city instead of many smaller ones.

A cellphone menu (like GTA IV) would be cool.

Make the stealth portion of the game look good. So your character is not invisible like most games, but let him or her put on a hood (like Assassin’s Creed) while they are sneaking.

This might sound like a small detail, but one of the most imporant things for me would be controller support. There is nothing worse to control a game with mouse and keyboard.

There should be tattoo shops where users are able to create/draw their own tattoos, including for other players.

2 thoughts

  1. Well if u listened closely to the trailer u can know the release date. In the trailer it says IT ALL BEGINS WHEN YOU DIE! So there u go the the game will release 50 years from now.
    sorry but im pretty pissed on ccp now they anounced the game in 2006 and since then all they managed to do is one trailer and another video with 4 lame buildings.
    All that Chris McDonough does is staying all day on twitter insetad of actually working at the game and he doesnt even answers the questions form the fans. This MMO is exactly as a vampire, a vampire will never age as the game will never release

  2. Kain (October 14th, 2012 @ 05:16)
  3. How much of that time was actually spent building game architecture though?

    I bet they didn’t start working on it earnest until 2009, or even 2010.
    Considering the depth of the V:TM world/lore.

    I have high hopes for this game, and I hope they do the original content justice.
    I expect that if anything ruins it, it will be the playerbase.

  4. Frothy (November 16th, 2012 @ 11:08)

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