Welcome to The Masquerade, a place dedicated to
uncovering the rare quality gems in a world of darkness.

This blog is dedicated to quality in art – mainly videogames and movies, to shine a (small) light on the few and rare gems. Since I love the (romantic) idea of vampires, everything is wrapped in a gothic environment. To get in contact use this form. I would love to meet similar minded people.

The biggest difference to most other websites: I can’t write and this blog isn’t dependent on regular posts, ads, dumb headlines or similar, it’s just about my ideas. I only post something whenever something really good comes up. Existing posts will be updated whenever something new comes up (no new entry just to get more content).

While I play games since the 80s I wouldn’t call me a “gamer“. Since I care for quality a lot I skip most projects purely because most projects are pretty bad and immature. Some years ago games finally have started to become actual work of art and I started to enjoy games more and more (again). They become the most interesting medium there is. At last we have reached an era in which developers try to “do more”, abandon traditional game tropes and try to create truly immersive and emotional experiences rather than “fun mechanic” gameplay exercises.

Besides being a huge film and series lover, I’ve also been a vampire fan all my life, though I can’t really explain why exactly. Am waiting for new projects (movies or games) all the time – can’t grasp the idea that there is so little out there about the most popular fictional creatures in human history. Tanz der Vampire is not just the best musical ever made but the greatest experience in general.

Back in 2006 this website was founded as a fansite dedicated to CCP’s MMO game “World of Darkness” which got cancelled unfortunately.